Our Partners

Lite-House has co-operation agreements with selected key partners, including:

Ertec has vast experience from design and manufacturing of products in aluminum, stainless steel and glass, from being a major supplier to the leisure boat industry in Norway and internationally. Their product range includes doors, windows, hatches, fences, etc. They are located close to Arendal in the neighbor city of Tvedestrand. Based on their extensive experience as a supplier of products in the marine environment, they bring a lot of knowledge and valuable experience into the cooperation with Lite-House.

Enwa Badeanlegg AS is part of Enwa AS, which is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies in water treatment and bathing equipment, process water and drinking water. With a large number of references for public pool project. Enwa Badeanlegg has a full scale project and service department.

CFD is our partner when it comes to marine hydrodynamics, wind and current analysis, stability analysis, etc. The company is owned and managed by Hans Jørgen Bjelke Mørch, who is one of the leading experts within the field of CFD World-wide. He is located in Tvedestrand, a short drive away from our offices in Arendal and main fabrication site at Eydehavn..

Arendal Havn has their facilities at Eydehavn, where Lite-House carries out assembly and load-out of our various products. Facilities includes assembly line, warehousing, crane coverage, utilities and access to a deepwater quay. For local deliveries, Arendal Havn may also be a supplier of marine services such as towing and installation of mooring equipment.

Seilfisken is a facilitator for swim training at all levels. We offer swimming clubs and pool owners assistance during all phases involved in planning, provision and operation of swimming pools and -arenas.

Seilfisken can assist in financing as well as operation of swimming pools, in close co-operation with local swimming pools and municipalities.

Seilfisken is established in co-operation with Lite-House.

FiReCo AS is an independent and private engineering company founded in 1991. Today FiReCo is a leader in composite design, regardless of application or field. Through exceptional experience from design, analysis, and production technology, FiReCo has acquired the necessary competence and skills to contribute in every market segment where load bearing structures in composites are in question.